Project Officer

Key Responsibilities

– Overseeing and guiding the marketing details for the campaign (promotion flyer/video, volunteer sign up, merchandise sales arrangement, promotion etc.)
– Taking care of the administration details for the campaign.
– Organizing events,exhibitions , conferences and seminars.
– Posting on social media (Facebook Twitter Instagram etc) and helping update the website
– Setting up speaking engagements in churches, schools and companies with other members


– Must be a committed Christian, able to stand above denominational diversities.
– Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
– Good development and facilitation skills, including catalyzing, connecting, and building the capacity of community groups/ partners.
– Strong communicator at all levels with interpersonal skills, ability and commitment to listen to others.
– Ability to maintain effective working relationships with staff and key partners.
– Experience in community entry and mobilization and development facilitation.
– Working knowledge of proposal writing and negotiation skills.

Job Package

The package will include MPF and health insurance.

*Please email your CV to