我們的使命 Our Mission

以媒體傳動關懷  以聲音陪伴心靈  以愛重塑幸福人生

Through Media we Care
Through Voice we Accompany
Through Love we Revitalize hearts and souls

我們的願景 Our Vision

建立媒體關愛文化  人人幸福自愛愛人

Establishing “Care through Media” culture in the world
Creating Joyful lives through self love and love others

我們的核心價值 Our Core Values

We believe human is created for a loving purpose.
We trust love can heal and restore every wounded heart.
We see this world is beautifully created and all things work for the goodness of life.

We Hope BLESSVISION can be a BLESSING to the world through BLESS:

Be a messenger of Love to the Poor and those who being neglected and rejected.

Light up the darkness with Merciful heart and Caring action.

Establish and influence the world with a Loving and Caring Culture through media. (BLESSCUP)

Support the poor with humanity works to restore Human Identity and Dignity.

Set Free Spiritually in all wounded souls.