我們的願景 Our Vision

在黑暗的地方帶來光明,安慰受傷困苦的心靈,在天災人禍頻繁的年代,以媒體平台配合人道關懷的工作,喚醒人類的愛心及良知, 恢復人類心靈的健康,重建愛的世界。

To bring light into the darkness and comfort the broken hearted. In days of widespread natural disaster and tragedy we hope to awaken the love and the conscience of mankind. To restore soul and mind. And rebuild love through media and humanitarian care.

我們的目的 Our Purpose


To spread the message of love anytime and anywhere through the ‘Blessing Cup’. To bring light and hope to the heart and souls of the broken, abused and hurting. And to train and develop a professional team of spiritual care volunteers who live out love in the world.