BlessVision Foundation is a non-profit group that functions independently of the government. We receive no funding from the government and rely on donation to support daily operation.

Monthly donation plan: supporting operation fee

Regular donation is essential for stable operation, timely payrolls and focused development of the Blessvision Foundation. All regular donations go to support media care and outreach service. (We need HKD 300,000 to support our monthly operation fee. Hopefully there will be 300 donors donating $1,000 on monthly basis.):


1. Monthly content and device production fee of “Blesscup” multi-media caring platform.
2. Radio program monthly production fee (including radio airtime, shooting, recording, backend video processing and promotion fees).
3. Movies and television programs production fee.
4. Monthly staff payrolls, rents and administration fee.
5. Monthly volunteer training, community visits, Blessing Hotline answering services
6. Monthly emotional caring seminars and life education at schools


One-off donation

Every generous donation with love helps us to explore into different aspects of media caring and humanistic care. In order to stay close to social needs, act promptly and initiate media production, we need support on the following projects.

#Development, device and content production of “Blesscup” multi-media caring platform
#“Radio program, which is broadcasting on Commercial Radio Hong Kong, production and airtime fees
#Local refugee humanistic care
#Humanistic care for Nepal human trafficking survivors
#Startup fund for education and vocational training center in Nepal


B) Crossed cheque:  You can make a cheque payable to “Blessvision Foundation Limited” and send it with this reply form to our office.


C) Bank deposit: You can deposit your donation into our bank account and send the bank in slip with this reply form to our office by email or mail. (Nanyang Commercial Bank;  Account number: 043-478-1144-5731)
*To support education and employment training center and humanistic care projects in Nepal, please mark “supporting Nepal projects” on the back of your cheque.


D) Autopay: Please send us a filled autopay service authorization letter and reply form by email or mail. The autopay service authorized letter can be downloaded below.


E) FPS: Please transfer donation to FPS ID 2309466
If you would like to receive a printed receipt, please send a screen cap of payment confirmation with donor information to our email,
Beneficiary Bank:Nanyang Commercial Bank
Acc. Name: Blessvision Foundation Limited
Account Number: 043-478-1144-5731


**Tax-deductible receipts will be issued for donations on or above HK$100
* We are exempted from tax under section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance. (File number: 91/15708))



Address : 7/F Hay Nien Building, 1 Tai Yip Street, Kwun Tong. Hong Kong
Tel:(852)21552800 Fax:(852)21552508