「幸福傳聲基金會」是慈善機構,於2016年10月6日在香港創立,致力推動各項慈善工作、生命教育及人道關懷。藉媒體製作、新聞採訪及流動媒體平台「BlessCup 傳聲筒」心靈互動電子裝置,在不同國家及地方及地方關顧身心社靈的需要,傳播幸福的信息,並召募不同人士受訓成為專業義工團隊,將傳愛的使命付諸行動。以媒體結合關懷,生命影響生命,喚醒人類愛心及良知,帶來社會的轉化,重建人類的普世價值。「幸福傳聲基金會」至今己培訓四百多位義工,安排到本地不同社區的家庭、醫院、護老院,亦會前往海外災區進行心靈關顧、協助第三世界人口販賣受害者重建新生及重建社區工作。

以媒體傳動關懷 以聲音陪伴心靈 以愛重塑幸福人生

Through Media we Care   Through Voice we Accompany   Through Love we Revitalize hearts and souls

BlessVision Foundation is a charity organization founded in Hong Kong on October 6, 2016 to promote charitable work, life education and humanitarian care.  Through media production, news interview and and a portable audio device  the “BlessCup” we gather people from all around and train them as our volunteer to care for the people with physical and emotional needs as well as spreading the message of love and hope. By combining media and humanitarian care we let life impact life, leading to the awakening of love and conscience within man to reconcile society and restore the value of humanity.

BlessVision Foundation has trained more than 400 volunteers so far. Their efforts have had a global impact on families, hospitals, nursing homes and disaster zones by providing heartfelt care, support and assisting with rebuilding work.