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我們一起為愛發聲 以憐憫的心看世界

「 852FC與幸福傳聲基金會擁有同樣的願景,承蒙基金會(BVF啟駕護航,我們希望藉著這個合作伙伴的關係,得以轉型向香港本地及全球華人傳播訊息。852FC是一個愛的行動,讓我們一起為現代奴役中無法發聲、被欺壓、被遺忘的人而發聲,我們深信只要同心合意,天父的愛可以改變世界。」 Sylvia Yu Friedman

「讓在黑暗中的靈魂聽到上帝的聲音」,這是「幸福傳聲基會」的使命。 身體的病患,情緒的憂暗,家庭的破碎,奴役的觀念,這些造成心靈創傷,形成扭曲的價值觀,讓人失去生享受生命自由的權利,心靈也失去平安與喜樂。「憐憫。覺醒」會議2017,由幸福傳聲基金會主辦,852亮光行動共同策動,也是首次以華人講員為主,關注現代奴役及人口販賣的大會。透過電影分享,音樂分享,藝術創作,藝術創意展反映現代奴役背後隱含的價值觀問題。這,也是一個傳動愛與憐憫的行動,由香港這片地土開始,集結各界的力量,包括教育界,企業界,法律界,藝術界等的,以音樂、藝術創作,媒體製作,向在最黑暗,水深火熱中的靈魂傳遞愛、憐憫、寬恕的信息,共同創造身心靈自由,沒有奴隸的世界。



We voice out our Love, feel the world with Mercy heart

” 852FC has been transitioning to reach local Chinese in Hong Kong and global Chinese through coming under the umbrella of BlessVision Foundation (BVF), a registered non-profit organisation, they share the same vision as 852FC, and have labored in love over the past few months. We are honored to call them friends.  852FC is an act of Love, let us not forget that we do not do this for ourselves, but for the voiceless, the downtrodden, and the forgotten people trapped in modern slavery. Together, we can change the world.” Sylvia Yu Friedman

“Let the souls in the dark hear the voice of Jesus”, this is the mission of BlessVision Foundation.  Sickness, mental illness, brokenness in family, slavery mind, all these caused the formation of distorted values of human. People who suffer from these pain, lost joy and freedom of life. “Awakening Conference 2017”organized by BlessVision Foundation & 852 Freedom Campaign, aims at awaken every broken soul with love, mercy and forgiveness. This is the first conference that initiated by local Hong Kong people, local speakers express their view on this global issues of modern day slavery and human trafficking. With movie screening, music sharing, arts exhibition, reflects the implicit value behind modern day slavery. We carry out love together with talents from different fields, including education, corporates, media, and churches. We hope to every human in this world to enjoy real freedom and justice.

BlessVision Foundation


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